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DESCRIPTION M2 Pro is a new type of miner that has been seeing exponential growth…

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M2 Pro is a new type of miner that has been seeing exponential growth lately.
Leveraging on the Proof of Participation (POP) model, M2 Pro offers a new type of mining in which the amount of tokens mined is determined by the value of the miner’s participation in the network itself.
The difference in comparison to the Proof of Work (POW) or Proof of Stake (POS) model is quite clear and is in favour of POP mining that M2 Pro has adopted and perfected. POW requires excessive electrical power while POS endorses a system in which the rich get richer. Both models have an inherent flaw that the mining effort exists to serve the mining network, and the mining network exists so that the mining effort can continue. Outside of this loop, there is no value (other than tokens mined).
M2 Pro challenges this idea. When a miner plugs in the M2 Pro and starts mining, the miner is proving his/her participation in the network by mining “data blocks”. This action is used to prove that the M2 Pro miner is in an operational state. Therefore, it requires little electricity.
Then, depending on the demand for the network, M2 Pro is used as a gateway that deploys an IoT data network for IoT devices. The miner receives compensation for performing this action.
Therefore, M2 Pro allows low-power mining in perpetuity, along with leveraging its mining network to serve the rapidly growing LPWAN-focused IoT industry.


  • Low-Power
  • Independent
  • Patented Technology
  • Outdoor Miner
  • Easy Mining
  • Smartphone Application
  • Staking
  • No minimum withdrawal
  • Funds Safety
  • Multi Token Mining MXC, DHX BTC through Das Kaiser Projekt.
  • Globally certified