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FINANCE INFO Approximate shipment is planned for August 15th – September 15th, which can…

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Only send USDC (Ethereum ERC20)
Deposit of wrong tokens, addresses or networks cannot be recovered.

3-5 business day shipping

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Approximate shipment is planned for August 15th – September 15th, which can be extended to additional 15-30 days depending on unforeseen circumstances

Payments must be made in USDC ERC20

Mine and Pay – Financing plan cost and details:

  • Total cost of the miner is $24,999.
  • $9,999 deposit is due now to secure your pre-order.
  • $15,000 balance due over 12 months, in 12 installments of $1250 per month.
  • First balance payment of $1250 is due when your miner goes online.
  • No interest in the above rate, and the total amount can be paid back earlier without penalty.
    • FM team is considering an additional discount for those who pay the remaining amount before the miner is shipped. (No further details at this time)
  • Price includes electricity and hosting included.
  • Miner will mine directly to the owner’s wallet address.
  • If you fail to make a monthly payment, FM reserves the right to turn off your miner.
    • – We will send you multiple reminders.
      – 30 days max grace period.
      – If the miner goes offline, you will be charged a reactivation fee.
      – It’s always better to reach out to us if you can’t make a payment.
  • 6 Months warranty extended to 1 full year to cover the length of hosting contract.
  • After the conclusion of the original hosting contract owner may opt to sign a new hosting agreement or to have the miner shipped out.
  • Co-hosting facility currently located in the United States.
    • – We are expanding operations but only US site can be guaranteed at this time.
  • The process will be as transparent as possible, with every miner individually labeled with its serial number and nickname provided by the owner.


  • Hashrate:26 TH/S 5% up and down
  • Version:K-300
  • Power: 2600W
  • Noise: 80 db
  • Weight: 9500 gr
  • Voltage: 180/260
  • Temperature: 5 – 45°C
  • Humidity: 5 – 95%
  • Blake2S algorithm exclusive for KDA